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Upheavals and maturity
A cautious path towards artificial intelligence and the base for a full immersion in the knowledge transmission process.


For more than 23 years, I have worked in the Web and programming industry, in the creation/Management fields of editorial/Multimedia content including graphic and visual arts in North America and Europe.

Polyglot (6 main languages, basis for 6 more), french, italian and canadian national, I held positions that were as complementary as they were diverse, all logical steps of a constant professional progression.

On the form, as an employee, consultant, manager, director and entrepreneur, from the most classical to the most imposing companies.

Basically, as an infographic designer, graphic designer, developer and Web designer, programmer-analyst, Lead Designer, commercial, project manager, editorialist-analyst, artistic director and technical director.

But both in the professional and university worlds (and more generally in the teaching world), I have been able to observe around me a significant number of failures in the transmission of clear strategic information, consequent managerial mistakes and frequent misunderstanding of a particular problem.

This resulted in regular loss of motivation and mistrust by my superiors, colleagues, collaborators, partners and service providers regarding the projects they usually managed.

Aware of these problems, I have therefore been constantly developing more efficient tools and methodologies over the years. Knowing that everything remains perfectible and time-consuming in the digital world, I naturally had to find the right balance between feasibility, time management, control of adequate resources... and the initial achievement of objectives.
4 main area fields

The four main area fields summarising my professional activity since my entry into the university and professional universes, are : the word (creation/Management of editorial content, resources  management and data on all media types), the image (graphic art, visual art and multimedia), memory (indexing, archiving, management and optimization) and intelligence (Web development and analysis, resources Website, Community Management, mobile App., BDD management, interfaces, algorithmic development and programming...).



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More than new kind of profession... a complete dedication

Hêgemonikon or the strategic transmission of knowledge in the age of the digital economy "

All these application fields are on the verge of merging into a single logical and strategic dynamic, in a very new and demanding business… the editorialist/Programmer-analyst of this beginning of the century.

While being marked by certain major categories (image, word, intelligence...), this new profession would now involve:

+ Multidisciplinary management/Creation of editorial content of all types, digital resources and/or more classical.

+ The digestion of sensitive and massive information from the collective memory group, community, company or institution.

+ Creation of powerful interfaces and management of highly scalable problematics related to ergonomics, human-machine interface (HMI), and more specifically, all the challenges posed by emerging artificial intelligence, knowledge's transmission, immersive and dissemination of information exploitation.

Fusion of pre-existing jobs, battered or rationalized by this digital revolution and its perpetually innovative technological rythm... we shouldn't have any doubt about the fact that artificial intelligence which is growing before our eyes, will necessarily be leaded by new fullstack professionals in digital architecture solutions, editorial content and collective data management fields.
Fom Internet to I.A. (1994 to present day)

The Internet revolution that I fully experienced (intensive practice of Web development from its origins to today), has allowed me to live from the inside all its evolution.

With enthusiasm and sometimes… with perplexity.

It was at the beginning of this irresistible revolution that I began my career. Moreover, there were no training courses specific to Web development in 1993-1994.

The Internet was often seen by many as a technological anecdote, something that was not going to last. So I had to constantly learn, convince and "educate" on the ground.

When I first started in Web development and programming, my goal was to offer school and university support courses, via an online platform offering specific resources in the History and Geography academic fields. But neither the technology levels nor the mentality, were fully ready.
Client management, public relations management

For more than 23 years, constant relations with my clients, collaborators, partners and service providers, but also the public of my Art and multimedia gallery until May 2016, point of convergence and experimentation in visual, graphic and cyber Arts (more than 55,000 people in just over 9 years), regularly pushed me to expose the fluctuating reality of all the different aspects of these professions (graphic designer, creative and visual arts artist, multimedia designer and programmer, etc.) and their many facets constantly changing, to the cruel rationality of common sense (cf. Antonio Gramshi).

I have obviously and regularly been confronted with a wide range of very exciting situations (public management, customer management), sometimes more delicate as at the technological bubble in 1999-2000.

I have always learned from those constructive experiences and I have never doubted on the final outcome.
Toward a suppletive A.I. ... Finalization !

After having finalized all the projects that were so essential for a futher development and that now follow their own rhythm (1), I have therefore oriented all my strategies according to new kind of cooperations, more adapted to the turbulent realities of our magmatic professional universe.

Therefore, I still aspire to work with or within, companies more substantial than my own agency wich is and will always be the heart of a usefull creativity for all (2). Public or private companies to which I could dedicate all my experience, skills, technical and commercial resources, in the form of partnerships, one-off missions or more traditional in-house collaboration.

(1) Launch of some 40 projects in the fields of programming resources, editorial content, online publishing and graphic design (see references).

(2) Piccini da Todi Graphic and Development Studio / Digital Art and Earth Networks and Technology Agency / Éditions La Luciole Bleue

Skills reminder

Web programming, development and integration
Full Stack Developper
Back-office and CMS (and CRM) development
Back-end and front-end developer
Development of Apis, mobile solutions and applications (IOS/Android)
Creation, management and analysis of BDD
Architecture Analyst
Object-oriented programming
Software Development
Development of multimedia applications
Project Manager / Strategy / Community Management
Technical Director
Visual art/ Graphics, photography (stock photos, art and events)
Multimedia projects
Game Designer (Unity3d)
Lead designer
Editorial Analyst
Managing and indexing editorial content
Strategic Resource Management and Optimization
Client Relationship Management
Management of public relations
Creation and management of events in the field of graphic arts
Technical assistance, monitoring and training for enterprises (including project management assistance)
Continuous experience in teamwork...

+ 23 years of professional experience

(Programming, Web Integration and Development, Object Oriented Programming, IT Project Management, Customer and Public Relations Management, Editorial Content Creation and Management, Ergonomics and Graphic Arts)

Master II - University of Nice Sophia-antipolis (France)
(DEA equiv. Bac(fr)+5 university years fully completed)
Human Sciences
Internet tools integration and content indexing
Contemporary History - Art History

French - Italian - Canadian
Montreal's resident for 15 years...
Through 4 main areas of application, I have had the opportunity to work in diverse sectors, among which here are some examples :

Covered sectors

Communication technologies
Mining and forestry activities
Sports Practice
Art, music and culture
Production TV / Webcasting
Video Games
Press and media
Hotel / Restaurants
Vocational training
Social Sciences and Politics
Diving Off-Shore (...)
Also called portal site, resources website, the Web Concept is actually much more than that. It gathers all the most powerful tools of the Internet in order to deal in a very complete way, of a particular subject. You will find below a list of all the Web Concepts that I have designed in its entirety. My team of collaborators intervenes from time to time on certain contents or parameters.

Resources websites (Web Concepts)

Art and Earth Magazine

Other portfolios

Visual and Graphic Arts

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