Clients Portfolios

Dozens of covered fields, all kinds of companies... but common issues

For more than twenty-three years on two continents, I have had the opportunity to collaborate as an employee, manager, consultant, service provider, subcontractor and partner with many companies, liberal professions and associations.

From the small structure to the international Ltd companies, I have held most of the positions inherent in Web development, programming in the broad sense, and mobile App. development.

But regardless of the organization or the type of collaboration, the issues I have faced... were strangely similar.
Asymmetry between requirements and skills sought

The Internet and the I.A. remain on the historical scale of the time of technological embryos which, in the space of twenty years, have nevertheless considerably changed many hyper-social, occupational and macroeconomic structures. Probably way too fast...
Necessary education of the client and all the actors in attendance

This technological frenzy has blurred all traditional lines of demarcation and forced all the professional actors concerned to adapt to a forced march. From the programmer to the secretary and finally the head of the enterprise, the digital economy has been growing to rationalise the approaches, working methodologies and environments for the execution of tasks.

So it was not done without a break. Quality, especially editorial, has often been pulled down, or in much rarer cases, drawn inexorably to summits where it is very difficult to maintain.

Skills reminder

Web programming, development and integration
Full Stack Developper
Back-office and CMS (and CRM) development
Back-end and front-end developer
Development of Apis, mobile solutions and applications (IOS/Android)
Creation, management and analysis of BDD
Architecture Analyst
Object-oriented programming
Software Development
Development of multimedia applications
Project Manager / Strategy / Community Management
Technical Director
Visual art/ Graphics, photography (stock photos, art and events)
Multimedia projects
Game Designer (Unity3d)
Lead designer
Editorial Analyst
Managing and indexing editorial content
Strategic Resource Management and Optimization
Client Relationship Management
Management of public relations
Creation and management of events in the field of graphic arts
Technical assistance, monitoring and training for enterprises (including project management assistance)
Continuous experience in teamwork...

+ 23 years of professional experience

(Programming, Web Integration and Development, Object Oriented Programming, IT Project Management, Customer and Public Relations Management, Editorial Content Creation and Management, Ergonomics and Graphic Arts)

Master II - University of Nice Sophia-antipolis (France)
(DEA equiv. Bac(fr)+5 university years fully completed)
Human Sciences
Internet tools integration and content indexing
Contemporary History - Art History

French - Italian - Canadian
Montreal's resident for 15 years...
Through 4 main areas of application, I have had the opportunity to work in diverse sectors, among which here are some examples :

Covered sectors

Communication technologies
Mining and forestry activities
Sports Practice
Art, music and culture
Production TV / Webcasting
Video Games
Press and media
Hotel / Restaurants
Vocational training
Social Sciences and Politics
Diving Off-Shore (...)
Also called portal site, resources website, the Web Concept is actually much more than that. It gathers all the most powerful tools of the Internet in order to deal in a very complete way, of a particular subject. You will find below a list of all the Web Concepts that I have designed in its entirety. My team of collaborators intervenes from time to time on certain contents or parameters.

Resources websites (Web Concepts)

Art and Earth Magazine

Other portfolios

Visual and Graphic Arts

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