Diego Piccini (da Todi)
Full Stack Programmer/Developper, Back-end/Front-end
Lead Developer - Content Manager - Graphic Arts Lead Designer
Diego Piccini (da Todi)
Développeur/Programmeur Full Stack, Back-end/Front-end (Web/Objet)
Content Manager - Lead Designer/Arts graphiques

Le Belgo... la base

A life-size test

To confront each other...

⇒ 2006 - 2016


For almost 10 years until May 2016, Gallery 523 - 521 (Piccini da Todi / Visual Art and Memory) located in the Belgo Building building in the Montreal's downtown, allowed me to test and test the foundations of my current creativity and the relevance of all the underlying messages. /span>

By unveiling to the public all of my creations in live development then, I was able to refine in situation the basis of my various techniques (drawing, graphic art, photography and multimedia)./span>

It was therefore an excellent way to confront me immediately without any net, to a vast cosmopolitan and varied audience, to submit to them all this nascent production including the graphic and development studio's creativity (especially during the Nuits Blanches de Montréal and the Journées de la Culture).

What's the point ?

It was a rare opportunity to evaluate the real approach of this audience for among other goals, the graphic and visual art today's global social and professional viability, the various editorial subjects in gestation, fears related to cyberspace opacity, the social, technological and political perspectives of A.I. evolution.

THE basis for a strong creativity

Along with the exhibitions, many debates took place. The results were incredibly positive. An essential basis was thus established.

Everything could go on...

Moving from a vision to mainstream reality

This graphic and multimedia Art gallery has been a synergistic place of experimentation that has allowed me and my collaborators to plainly expose our creations, our different techniques, our points of view and all the associated events... it simply was a massive gross assessment of a large number of people from different socio-professional backgrounds.

About 55,000 people (between 6 and 8,000 people per year) came to visit the 523 - 521 exhibitions rooms.

The exhibitions, events and debates held there covered the following topics :

+ Man in the City
+ Social and other mutations
+ The delisting process
+ Eroticism and the body as a spiritual vehicle
+ Art perceptions
+ Climate change
+ Digital revolution, I.A. and Cyberspace
+ Spirituality and violence
+ Dichotomy between perceptions and realities
+ Consciousness

Useful link

Article published by the Devoir regarding the Art galleries's closures at the Belgo from 2016 to 2018.

⇒ + 24 years of professional experience

(Programming/Web Development, Object Oriented Programming, IT Project Management, Customer and Public Relations Management, Editorial Content Creation and Management, Ergonomics and Graphic Arts)

Master II - Nice Sophia-antipolis (France) called today Université Côte d'Azur
(DEA equiv. Bac(fr)+5 university years fully completed)
Human Sciences
Internet tools integration and content indexing
Contemporary History - Art History

French - Italian - Canadian
Back in France since July 2020
Resident in Montreal from January 2004 to June 2020

⇒ Skills Reminder

Technical&Management Skills
Programming&Web design/Development
Full Stack programmer (backend/Frontend)
Back-office and CMS/CRM development
APIs, mobile solutions/App. development (IOS / Android)
Object Oriented programming
Multimedia solutions development
Project manager / Strategy / Community Management
Technical director
Visual/Graphic arts, photography (stock photos, Art and events)
Game designer (Unity3d)
Lead designer
Analysis, graphic&editorial content management and indexing
Strategic resource management and optimization
Client management
Audience management
Events management (graphic arts)
Technical assistance, monitoring and training for companies (including assistance to project management)
Continuous experience of working with an international team...

⇒ Covered Areafields

Through 4 main areas of expertise, I had the opportunity to work in several areafields, among which here are some examples :

Art, music and culture
Diving Off-Shore
Events Organization Fashion
Hotel / Restaurants
Mining and forestry activities
Press and media
Professional training
Social and political Sciences
Sports coaching
TV Production / Webcasting
Video Games (...)

⇒ References

Also originally called portal website or resources website, the Web Concept is actually much more than that. It gathers all the most powerful tools of the Internet in order to deal in a very complete way, of a particular subject. You will find below a list of all the Web Concepts that I have designed in its entirety. My team of collaborators intervenes from time to time on certain contents or parameters.

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